About Dawn Torres-Gale AFC®

Dawn Torres-Gale, AFC®

Dawn Torres-Gale is a Paraplanner with Insight Financial Strategists. She is also an Accredited Financial Counselor® and a Certified Financial Planner® program student.

In 2008 Ms. Torres-Gale was chosen by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) Foundation to be part of a select group of military spouses who received FINRA sponsored training from the Association of Financial Counseling, Planning and Education to become an Accredited Financial Counselor®. Ms. Torres-Gale received her certification as an Accredited Financial Counselor® in February 2012. Since becoming an AFC®, Ms. Torres-Gale has worked as a Personal Financial Counselor with the Massachusetts National Guard and the Naval Operational Support Center in Portland, Oregon. Ms. Torres-Gale has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from San Francisco State University and a Master of Public Administration degree from the University of Hawaii, Manoa. Ms. Torres-Gale has served as a district court mediator in Honolulu, Hawaii from 2003-2005 and as an elected member of the Wachusett Regional School Committee representing the Town of Holden, Massachusetts from 2009-2012. She is the spouse of LCDR Christopher Gale, USCG (Ret.) and the mother of three daughters, ages 27, 17 and 14 yrs. old.