Financial Planning

financial planning in the Boston areaAre your plans keeping up with your dreams?  Today, more than ever, it is essential to have a plan; a roadmap to guide you through the many financial decisions you need to make in life. Many people feel that their financial life is spinning out of control and with the uncertain economy and more options for saving and investing than ever before, itʼs easy to see how oneʼs finances can become confusing and overwhelming. You need to find a way to understand the big picture and bring clarity to your financial planning.

At Insight Financial Strategists, we are your fiduciaries. We take the time to get to know who you are and what is important to you in life. We start and end with you. We listen to your concerns, whether it is financial planning for your retirement, saving for education, managing your taxes or understanding your life insurance coverage. We help you set and prioritize your goals and develop strategies to keep you moving towards those goals. We bring clarity to your financial life by providing you with the roadmap you need, to make informed financial decisions.

How Do We Do This?

  • We start by gathering information about your finances
  • Set measurable goals
  • Analyze and strategize
  • We help you understand the effects of each financial decision
  • We develop recommendations
  • Put your plan into motion
  • We monitor your progress and help you stay on track

Coming up with a solid financial plan that accomplishes all this, and is unique for you and familyʼs situation, means working together as a team. We believe that an informed, empowered client leads to better overall success of a financial plan. By working together to examine your current situation and helping you set your goals, we can develop a robust, realistic plan that will help you stay on track to have the life you want.

Bringing all the pieces of your financial life together is a challenging task. We understand all the complexities of the ever-changing financial climate and will work with you through every step of the financial planning process to ensure you understand and are comfortable with all your financial choices. So, are your plans keeping up with your dreams? If not, consider contacting us today at 781.489.3014 and letting us guide you along your financial planning journey towards the direction of your dreams.

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Retirement Income Planning

You work hard every day. You always have. But how can you be sure that you will be able to enjoy the comforts of life when it comes time to retire? Are you doing enough with retirement planning now for your future? Is your money growing at the right rate? Have you saved enough to take into account the effects of inflation on your lifestyle, our increased longevity, the uncertainties of the economy and financial markets, and taxes?

retirement income planning; retirement planningAt Insight Financial Strategists LLC our process is designed to help you feel comfortable that your resources are deployed in the most effective way to enable you to maintain your lifestyle through retirement.  Our process is designed to implement a conservative personalized income distribution strategy that will help maintain your standard of living over time, preserve assets in a tax efficient way, and give you peace of mind. With many of us looking to spend 20 or 30 years or more in retirement, the process of planning contingencies can be overwhelming. It takes an experienced strategist to help you navigate the complexities, and we can do that for you.

Our Lifetime Plan is conservative, personalized retirement planning that will help you maintain your lifestyle, and let you focus on what you enjoy most.  Give us a call today so we can start the process of helping you determine the best strategies for you and your family.
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Divorce Financial Planning

divorce planningOnce a marriage has broken down and a decision has been made by one or more spouses to divorce, the impact can be devastating. Devastating not only to you and your spouse, but also to your children, family and friends. Divorce not only has a traumatic emotional impact but a financial impact as well.

To address the financial aspects of divorce, our strategists are trained in divorce financial planning and can help you understand and evaluate the financial impact of your particular situation. Our experienced divorce financial planning analysts take the time to help you understand how the financial decisions you make today will impact your post-divorce finances now and twenty years from now.

We function as divorce financial planners for individuals, or as financial neutrals in mediation and collaborative law cases. Working with all interested parties involved, including divorce lawyers and divorce mediators, we address all the intricacies of divorce financial planning to provide you and your team with the information you need to make informed decisions and financially fair settlements.

We can offer you peace of mind that your settlement is financially feasible by:

  • Analyzing your current and future cash flow needs
  • Showing you the effects of any property division proposal
  • Helping you understand tax problems and solutions
  • Evaluating retirement funds and future pensions
  • Helping you make important decisions regarding the marital home, alimony and child support

Whether you seek advice as a couple or as an individual, we will work with you to increase your chances of reaching a settlement that fully addresses your long-term post-divorce financial needs, thereby securing your financial future.

Your marriage may be over, but the rest of your life is still ahead. Give us a call today so we can help you take the first step towards the post-divorce financial freedom you deserve and a successful financial post-divorce life.

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Investment Management

Investment PlanningAt Insight Financial Strategists LLC we are your fiduciaries. Our advice is focused solely on our view of your best interests. As fee only practitioners, our interests are aligned with yours.

Investment practice at Insight Financial Strategists is based on the academic research of the past 50 years resulting in a focus on long term investing, diversification, and asset allocation based on your risk capacity as an investor and individual goals.

Academic research on market efficiency guides our thinking: in markets that are very liquid, information is processed and reflected in stock and bond prices too quickly for any market timing strategy to justify the cost. Trying to outsmart the market in the short term is usually a futile and costly endeavor.

Your risk capacity is based on your own risk tolerance, spending and income, time horizon and net worth profiles. Academic research has clearly identified diversification and asset allocation as the main tools to manage long term risk.

We apply those financial tools to your individual and family needs, including your circumstances, your goals, your opportunities and your limitations to tailor your investment plan to your overall financial and retirement plan.

We believe that costs have a potentially major impact on returns and net worth growth. Costs come in many forms: direct expenses, hidden expenses, taxes, opportunity costs, and our fee. We work to optimize costs to ensure that you get value for your money and that your investments are well taken care of without unnecessary expenses.