Be Empowered,

Feel In Control

Make Informed  Financial Decisions

during life's transitions including

divorce, loss, and retirement.

Your Life Stage

"If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail" - Benjamin Franklin

We guide you through life's most impactful life transitions.

Financial recovery from divorce can be difficult. Lining up your assets, income and energy in the right direction will allow you to build security. You will be OK.

The decisions you make now to prepare for retirement will have a lasting impact. Done  judiciously, they will allow you to achieve your goals and live a full life. 

Asset decumulation in retirement is different than accumulation. The goal is to draw an income while preserving capital and preparing your legacy.

Our Toolbox

"Do or do not. There is no try."  -  Master Yoda

We use proven tools to maximize your wealth.

Budgets crafted, savings grow,

Financial freedom starts to show.

Investments thrive, our wealth accrues,

In planning well, we'll never lose.
Our golden days, we've long pursued, 

In wisdom's shade, our plans renewed.
A nest egg built with care and grace, 

Provides a comfortable, warm embrace.
In markets, funds can grow so fine,
Investments rise and brightly shine,

With careful plans and steady hand,

We build a future, grandly planned.

After divorce, we chart anew, 

Financial plans, fresh skies and blue.

With assets split, we find our way,

Planning for a brighter, wiser day.

Through trust and wills, our wishes clear,

Ensuring a heritage for all to revere. 

In this path we tread, our family's guide,

Legacy planning, our love will abide.

Tax planning, we're quite aware,

Minimizing, with great care.

Deductions sought, savings near,

Financial wisdom, crystal clear.

Let us know how we can be of assistance?

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Insight Financial Strategists

We work only in your best interest

Our wealth strategists bring you decades of experience in a comfortable boutique setting. We offer a highly individualized, customized service. Our objective is simple to listen to you, understand and analyze your situation and help you achieve your goals. Our values are simple. We are fiduciary, fee-only and independent.

"Of the roughly 285,000 professionals in the U.S. who offer 

clients financial advice, fewer than 2% are fee-only advisors

who follow a true fiduciary standard that prohibits

commissions on products recommended to clients and legally

requires the advisers to always put their clients’ interests first."

Excerpt from this Wall Street Journal article.

Many clients of Insight Financial Strategists LLC live in Lexington MA, Arlington MA, Bedford MA, Newton MA, Boston, Brookline, Weston MA, Waltham, Belmont MA, Cambridge MA, Lincoln MA, Nantucket, Watertown, Wayland, MA, Concord, MA, Needham, Martha's Vineyard, Wellesley, Winchester MA.