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About Diane Pappas, CDFA™, CQS™

Diane is the Principal of Solutions for Divorce, LLC, a boutique fee-only divorce financial planning firm that works with couples and individuals to help them resolve the tax and financial issues of their divorce. Drawing on over 30 years of life and work experience, she specializes in helping clients, attorneys and mediators fully understand and resolve the financial complexities encountered during the divorce process.

Diane collaborates with Insight Financial Strategists on divorce related projects. Where the situation requires it, she consults on cases that require her areas of expertise and works with Chris Chen, CFP® CDFA on the Divorce Friday podcast.

Diane also works with clients as their mediator, educating her clients financially so they can make informed decisions that are best for them and their family. From beginning to end, Diane guides and assists her mediation clients to develop mutually acceptable settlement proposals that address the parties’ needs, concerns and goals.

She completes the divorce process by preparing the legal documents needed to divide Employer-sponsored retirement plans, private pension plans, Massachusetts State pension plans, military and Federal Employee plans.

Diane can be reached at her email address diane at solutionsfordivorce dot com, or you can call her at 978-833-6144

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