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Most of the professionals on your divorce team are geared to bring you to the finish line: divorce. A skilled divorce financial planner is the only professional on your divorce team that is concerned about what happens to you after the divorce. That is why you need one. 

Once a marriage has broken down and a decision has been made by one or both spouses to divorce, the financial implications of divorce can be devastating. Devastating not only to you and your spouse, but also to your children, family and friends. Divorce not only has a traumatic emotional impact but a financial impact as well.  Your life after divorce will depend heavily on your decisions during the divorce process.

To address the financial aspects of divorce, our strategists are trained in divorce financial planning and can help you understand and evaluate the financial impact of your particular situation. Our experienced divorce financial planners take the time to help you understand how the personal finance strategies you adopt today will impact your finances now and twenty years from now.

In the following video, In an interview by Investment News' Jeff Benjamin, Chris Chen, CFP®, CDFA addresses the challenge of choosing divorce financial specialists. Because finance is complicated, divorcing individuals often need to get advice from more than one type of divorce financial specialist. This short video goes into some of these issues.  

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We work with all parties involved including divorce lawyers and divorce mediators. We address all the financial intricacies of divorce to provide you and your team with the information you need to make informed decisions and financially fair settlements. We leave the law to attorneys specialized in family law, and we support them and you with expertise in financial matters.

We are trained in all areas of wealth management and divorce financial planning. We take the time to help you understand how the financial decisions you make today will impact your finances now and twenty years from now. 

We can offer you the financial peace of mind that your settlement is financially feasible by addressing your specific questions:

  • What will be the effects of your division of assets on your life after divorce? 
  • Should you consider mediation or collaborative law, or should you hire a lawyer first?
  • Should you keep the marital home?
  • Should you trade your interest in retirement accounts for your spouse's equity in your home?
  • What will be the tax consequences of the divorce?
  • How to deal with foreign assets?
  • Is your ex-spouse's investment strategy appropriate for YOUR goals and needs?
  • What is your/his/her pension worth, and what is the best way to divide its benefits?
  • And many more.

We help individuals seeking an objective evaluation of their situation.  We also help with collaborative law and mediation divorces as financial neutrals. We can also help with financial mediation in complicated financial cases, especially those involving cross border assets. 

Whether you seek advice as a couple or as an individual, we will work with you to increase your chances of reaching a divorce settlement that fully addresses your long-term financial needs, thereby securing your financial future.

Your marriage may be over, but the rest of your life is still ahead. Give us a call today so we can help you take the first step towards the financial freedom you deserve and a successful financial post-divorce life.

Many of our clients live in Lexington MA, Arlington MA, Bedford MA, Concord MA, Newton MA, Boston, Brookline, Weston MA, Waltham, Cambridge MA, Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard, Belmont MA, Lincoln MA, Watertown, Wellesley, Winchester MA.